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Pilates Toning Ring - Fitness Dual Grip Foam Resistance Circle, Full Body Workout

Pilates Toning Ring - Fitness Dual Grip Foam Resistance Circle, Full Body Workout

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Effective for All Fitness Levels

Resistance is perfect for a variety of exercises suitable for both men and women. It aids in shaping thighs and buttocks, toning upper arms, building a powerful abdominal core, increasing balance, enhancing mobility, and sculpting and strengthening muscles. Whether you are starting with light training or utilizing heavy resistance, you can improve flexibility and posture while effectively burning fat!

Comfortable and Durable

The well-designed grips are dual-padded for easy grasp. The ultra-comfortable and robust EVA foam are lightweight and travel-friendly while still being durable enough to withstand constant use for most Pilates or Barre workouts without losing shape or resistance.

Total Body Workout

To tone arms, simply grab the handles from the outside and bring your hands closer together, stretching through the resistance. To tone inner thighs, place them on the outside of the soft foam handles and bring your legs together, similarly against the resistance. This toner is also easy to incorporate into your favorite at-home workout DVD!

Product Details

Includes: 1 Fitness Pilates Resistance Ring.
Dimensions: 38.1 cm diameter x 5.08 cm height.
Materials: EVA foam + Fiber-Reinforced Plastic + Polypropylene.
Weight: 0.5 kg.
Colour: Black

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